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K-SURE, Labor & Management Joining Hands Together to Elevate Safety & Health Management System to a New Level
  • Date : 2023.10.16
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- Revision of Safety & Health Management Policy/ Site, Risk Prevention, Health Promotion & Safety Awareness-Centered.  

- This Year, Support Target for Outstanding SMEs in the Safety & Management Area Expanded/ Special Support of KRW 1.5 Trillion to be Provided until September

■ The Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “K-SURE”) has announced that it held a Labor & Management Joint Declaration Ceremony for Revision of  Safety and Health Management Policy in order to create a safe and healthy workplace at its headquaters located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the 16th (Monday).  

○ Reflecting the changing business environment where safety and health are emphasized, K-SURE aims to strengthen the safety and health management system in collaboration between labor and management and enhance the employees’ awareness of safety and health.  

○ In addition, K-SURE is committed to creating a safe working environment by prioritizing safety of clients and employees as a core value and maintaining accident-free and injury-free operations. 

■ K-SURE also plans to advance safety and health management by focusing on 1) establishing site-oriented safety and health management system, 2) preemptive risks prevention through periodic assessment and inspection, 3) conducting effective  health promotion activities, and 4) tailored education for promoting safety awareness.  

○ To this end, K-SURE will set out to establish a voluntary safety and health system in which all members of the institution participate, provide real-time monitoring of harmful/risk factors, protect vulnerable groups such as disabled individuals, and pregnant women within the workplace, and enhance cooperation-based communication between labor and management 

○ The revision of this management policy was driven by bidirectional communication between management and employees, such as  collecting a wide range of opinions from employees through pre-survey. 

■ Further, K-SURE is expanding the range of support for export credit insurance by setting up joint support system for overseas market development and export promotion of excellent companies in safety management activities.   

○ In partnership with the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency for 3 consecutive years, K-SURE is offering preferential treatment for export insurance limit to companies having performed excellent safety management activities. 

○ Starting last month, K-SURE expanded the target for providing the preferential treatment benefit to include safety incubating social enterprises and shipbuilding industry subcontractors seeking mutual growth of safety and health, and accordingly, as of the end of September, the trade insurance of approximately KRW 1.5 trillion was provided to 206 small and medium-sized companies that had showed excellent safety and management activities    

■ Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, stated, “ Protecting the safety of employees and citizens is a fundamental  duty of public institutions.” 

○ He also added, “We will strive to cultivate a stable work environment by continuously enhancing safety and health management capabilities so that our employees can be empowered to  create synergy in their essential role of export support.”

Revision of Safety Health Management Policy 이미지
* The labor and management representatives, [Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE (right), and Mr. Dukchin Kim,  President of Labor Union (left)], are jointly declaring “ Revision of Safety & Health Management Policy at the headquaters (located in Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul) on the 16th.

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