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Export Credit Guarantee (Comprehensive Negotiation)

Overview of Scheme

  • When a small- and medium-sized exporter receives a loan in foreign currency from a bank based on export fulfillment documents, but fails to repay the loan upon maturity, K-SURE compensates the bank for losses.
  • Export credit guarantee (comprehensive negotiaton) is not subject to importer limitations. Small- and medium-sized exporters can receive loans for all importers using one export credit guarantee (comprehensive negotiaton) issued.

Target Transactions

  • In principle, the loan is provided for export transactions subject to customs clearance, and the loan period is within 180 days.
  • However, for companies with high credit ratings as determined by K-SURE, loans for export transactions not subject to customs clearance are also permitted within the validity of the guarantee concerned.
    (If the credit rating has decreased at the review for re-guarantee issuance upon expiration of the previous guarantee period, use of the product for export transactions not subject to customs clearance may be limited.)

Transaction Structure

  • Point of Contact :  Business Coordination Department