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Medium and Long-term Export Credit Insurance (Supplier Credit)

Overview of Scheme and Product Characteristics

This scheme is used to compensate for losses generated when an exporter enters into a Medium and long-term export contract of which the settlement period exceeds two years and executes the export, but the importer fails to pay the export proceeds due to the risks covered.
  • Export of capital goods, such as industrial facilities, ships, and plants, generally involves a large contract amount and long repayment period. In addition, most importing countries are developing countries that are politically and economically unstable. Therefore, the risk of non-collection of export proceeds always remains.
  • Medium and long-term export credit insurance (supplier credit) is a scheme to cover exporters against the nonpayment risk of export proceeds due to political and commercial risks of the importing countries for the export of capital goods, etc., on a medium and long-term deferred payment basis with the repayment period exceeding two years.

Product Structure

Target Transactions

Export contract of which the settlement period of export proceeds (base date of credit - final payment due date) exceeds two years

Risks Covered

Category Description
Political Risks
  • Country Credit Risk pursuant to the OECD Arrangement
  • Risk caused by other reasons outside the Republic of Korea that are not attributable to the contract parties
Commercial Risks
  • Importer’s bankruptcy
  • Importer’s inability to make payment due to debt freezing by court of importing country, or debt rescheduling agreement with debtors
  • Importer’s delayed payment for at least two months from the payment due date
  • Point of Contact :  Project Finance Coordination Department