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Medium and Long-term Export Credit Insurance (Pre-shipment)

Overview of Scheme and Product Characteristics

This scheme is designed to support export by providing loss coverage for an exporter in case where goods cannot be exported according to the export contract (unable to export), and the exporter becomes unable to withdraw export proceeds following the execution of export (unable to withdraw proceeds) after exporter’s concluding a medium and long-term export contract, and the contract takes effect.

Product Structure

Target Transactions

Export contract of which the settlement period of export proceeds (base date of credit - final payment due date) exceeds two years

Risks Covered

Category Description
Commercial risk Importer‘s inability to make payment due to importer’s bankruptcy, debt freezing by court of importing country, or debt restructuring agreement with debtors
Political Risks Contract termination or cancellation due to war, revolution, declaration of moratorium by importing country, measures to delay remittance, unilateral revocation of contract by public importer, or other special reasons
  • Point of Contact :  Project Finance Coordination Department