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Human Rights Complaint

Making a Complaint

If you believe you have experienced discrimination, you can make a complaint on cases as follows.
In cases :
There exists a discriminatory act of any violation of the right of equality by a juristic person, organization or private individual. That is, without any reasonable grounds, in case a person is unlawfully discriminated by gender, religion, disability, age, social status, regional, national or ethnic origin, physical condition such as physical features, martial status, pregnancy or delivery, family status, race, skin color, thought or political opinion, criminal record of which effective term of the punishment has expired, sexual orientation, or medical history.

Who can make a complaint

A complaint may be filed by a person aggrieved by human rights violations and unlawful discriminatory acts.

How to make a complaint

By E-mail :
If filing a complaint by E-mail, please fill out your name and telephone number.
  • E-mail :
  • Point of Contact :  Department of ESG and Innovation