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Overseas Investment Insurance (Investment Financing)

Overview of Scheme and Product Characteristics

  • This scheme is to cover financial institutes against the risk of non-collection of loan provided to domestic companies for overseas resource development and overseas M&A, etc., due to political and commercial risks.
  • It is aimed at supporting financial contracts financial institutes concluded with nationals of the Republic of Korea in order to provide necessary funds for overseas investment.

Product Structure

Main Content

  • Target Transactions : Overseas business including overseas resource development and overseas M&A, etc. by domestic business
  • Scope of Support : Up to 100% of funds required for overseas business
  • Risks Covered : Political risk (claim for indemnification to domestic business when commercial risk occurs)

Risks Covered

Category Description
Commercial Risks Bankruptcy and default of overseas development entity or domestic development business
Political Risks War, expropriation, remittance, non-fulfillment of agreement, etc.


Determined according to rating of invested country and credit rating of investment company (exporter)
  • Point of Contact :  Project Finance Coordination Department