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Export Credit Guarantee (Pre-shipment)

  • This product is designed to help exporters in which exporters can produce K-SURE’s guarantee as security toward securing trade financing.

Overview of Scheme

Export credit guarantee (pre-shipment) product is a scheme of K-SURE to provide a joint guarantee for the repayment debt of an exporter to a foreign exchange bank or an export-related organization (hereinafter referred to as “bank”) that provided a loan or a payment guarantee based on an export credit guarantee to assist in the company’s manufacturing, processing, or procuring of export goods according to an export contract.

Product Structure

Target of Credit Guarantee

Export credit guarantee (pre-shipment) applies when a bank provides a loan with a credit guarantee or a payment guarantee with credit guarantee under each of the following to an exporter.(application limited when falling under cases of prohibition and restriction of guarantee, and other reasons for refusal)
  • Trade finance and related payment guarantee according to the “Detailed Rules on Trade Finance for Total Sum Bounded Loan of the Bank of Korea” of the Bank of Korea
  • Loan recognized by K-SURE as an export fund handled by the Export-Import Bank of Korea
  • Acquisition of trade bill specified in the “Detailed Rules on Credit Management by Financial Institutes” of the Bank of Korea
  • Opening of import L/C for export materials (including opening of usance for import to Korea). However, opening of import L/C for export materials in the form of intermediary trade excluded
  • Other loans recognized by K-SURE (KITA, trade fund, KOSME fund, online direct guarantee, etc.)
  • Point of Contact :  Business Coordination Department