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K-SURE, Joining Hands with KMI to Cultivate a “Healthy Local Community”
  • Date : 2023.03.15
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- K-SURE & KMI Collaborating to Provide Health Check-ups for Medically Vulnerable Populations in the Local Community.

- Contributing Donations to Support the Recovery in Turkish Earthquake, Promoting Mutual Prosperity with Global Communities.

■ The Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (“K-SURE”) announced on Wednesday, March 15th, that it had signed an agreement with the Korea Medical Institute (“KMI”) for joint medical support for the vulnerable class at its headquater located in Jongno-gu, Seoul.  

○ This agreement was prepared for providing joint medical support for the neglected group including the elderly and economically vulnerable class who have low physical and economical access to the healthcare facilities.        

■ K-SURE, based on its years of experiences accumulated at the Social Contribution Team, plans to identify underserved neighbors and vulnerable groups in need of health check-ups, and figure out their difficulties and offer tailored social contribution activities.   

○ KMI will also offer medical services such as “Visiting Heath Check-ups” through free physical examinations and on-site vehicle support  to the eligible targets identified by K-SURE. 

■ K-SURE has been engaged in various community contribution activities in order to share with local residents valuable achievements earned with our domestic corporations on the global stage.  

○ Based on the voluntary participation of K-SURE employees, the following volunteering programs have been operating on a regular basis:       

1) Specialized economic education volunteering for middle and high school students; 2) employee-made kimchi donation initiative; and 3) environmental cleanup activities through its employees’ plogging. 

○ By doing so, K-SURE has contributed to solving local community problems, and its efforts to promote sustainable development have been recognized, thereby being selected as “Local Community Contribution Company” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for two consecutive years. 

■ In addition, on the 14th, 33.41 million won as joint labor-management donation voluntarily raised by K-SURE employees was provided to the Korean Red Cross in order to take part in international relief efforts for Turkey suffering from the earthquake.  


○ Receiving financial support this January, K-SURE constructed a bride across the Mekong River Tributary in a rural village in Binh Long Province, Vietnam, ensuring safer commuting for over 8,000 residents and promoting the value of mutual growth in global communities beyond national borders. 

■ Mr. Inho-Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, stated, “As the health of local communities serves as the foundation for sustainable economic development, the signing of this agreement with KMI is much more meaningful.  

○ He also added, “We will continue to make efforts through “warm cooperation” so that marginalized neighbors can feel the warmth of sharing.

K-SURE, Joining Hands with KMI to Cultivate  a Healthy Local Community 이미지

* Mr. Inho-Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, took a commemorative photo at its headquater located in jongro-gu, Seoul on the 15th after signing an agreement with Mr. Sangho-Lee, Chairman of KMI.

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