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K-SURE, Setting out to Reform its Online Export Support Platform, Reflecting Extensive Customer Feedback.
  • Date : 2023.03.14
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- Embarking on the Enhancement of Online Trade Insurance Service for the Improvement of User Convenience & Expansion of Mobile Services  

- Collecting Opinions of Export Companies for 10 Days from the 14th, Aiming to Strengthen Customer-centric Digital Trade insurance Support.

■ The Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (“K-SURE”) announced on Tuesday that it would initiate the full-fledged“K-SURE Cyber Branch Enhancement”project in order to augment the accessibility to trade insurance for export companies and improve the convenience of digital services.      

○ The “K-SURE Cyber Branch”is a digital platform for trade insurance that provides real-time services for over 55,000 export companies, including buyer credit investigation, export insurance and credit guarantee applications, insurance incident reporting, and insurance claim submissions.   

○ This project is being undertaken with the aim of expanding the scope of trade insurance utilization by export companies and increasing customer-oriented online services. 

■ For the sake of creating user-centric customer values through the enhancement of online export support channels, K-SURE seeks to intensify user convenience and bolster operational base by reflecting both internal and external customer needs.   

○ In an effort to offer utmost user convenience, K-SURE is  committed to 1) creating a customer-friendly user environment (UX/UX); 2) streamlining various authentification procedures and giving customized visualized information, and ;3) expanding the range of available services to include insurance/guarantee application and reporting even in mobile environments, which were previously focused on information retrieval.  

○ With regards to reinforcing the operational base, K-SURE  plans to upgrade services based on customer data as to trade insurance utilization and extending the operational base considering system security and scalability. 

■ In addition, K-SURE will identify areas for improvement from the customers’ perspective, and gather a variety of opinions from trade insurance user companies to ensure that the “K-SURE Cyber Branch” can satisfy a wide range of corporate needs and be effectively utilized. 

○ Major export companies with a high level of trade insurance utilization, along with K-SURE’s investigation, underwriting, or other relevant departments will collaborate as an advisory body to explore improvement tasks and promote specific projects.   


○ To gather various opinions on cyber branch content and user satisfaction, a “ Cyber Branch Improvement Survey” will be conducted for ten days starting from the 14th.  Anyone who uses the cyber branch can participate in the survey through the K-SURE website, Cyber Branch, email-sent QR codes, etc. 

■ Mr. Inho- Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, stated,  “With the rapid advancement of technology and the diversification of the digital business environment, continuous change is required in how trade insurance necessary for exports is utilized.” 

○ He also added, “We will continue to pursue digital innovation that prioritizes user perspectives and helps export companies make effective and extensive use of trade insurance.”

  • Point of Contact :  Public Relations Department