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Welcome Message

“K-SURE will spearhead the way in achieving a $ 700 billion export milestone.”

Welcome to the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation!
I am Youngjin Jang, Chairman and President of the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-SURE).

Since its establishment in 1992 as an institution dedicated for managing external transaction risks, K-SURE has served as a pillar of support for our domestic companies during times of turmoil including the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Notably, we provided a record-high trade insurance amounting to KRW 244.8 trillion last year, facilitating the transition to an export surplus.

However, our economy currently faces multiple crises of stagnating exports and growth. Global trade hegemony competitions among major powers such as the U.S. and China are being intensified, coupled with mounting concerns over a global economic downturn due to a high-interest rate environment. Additionally, geopolitical risks in Europe and the Middle East are exacerbating further tensions.
In this context, all K-SURE employees are committed to concentrating our collective capabilities towards expanding the exports of Korean companies, drawing upon the experience gained from overcoming past crises.
Firstly, we will grow together with SMEs.
We will serve as a stepping stone for our domestic enterprises to leap into outstanding global exporters by creating synergies in trade finance support through partnerships with financial institutions and by offering tailored assistance according to their growth stages.
Secondly, we will pioneer new export markets and lead the diversification of export items.
We will diversify export markets by providing proactive support for entry into emerging markets such as India and ASEAN, and venture into uncharted territory through specialized support for export items aligned with government policies.
Thirdly, we will nurture the future of the Republic of Korea.
Through providing committed support to broaden the super gap in high tech industries such as semiconductors and secondary batteries as well as bolstering strategic industries of defense and nuclear power, we will cultivate new growth engines for South Korea.
Lastly, we will strive for innovation for our customers.
We will establish a trade insurance system that is easily accessible to every customer by means of the application of digitalization, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies along with enhanced policies for customer satisfaction.
Major global economies are raising trade barriers to safeguard their interests, which will be significant obstacles to our exports. K-SURE will work hand in hand with our companies to blaze a trail towards overseas export markets, navigating tough paths step by step.
We sincerely request your continued interest and unwavering support in this journey. Thank you.
Chairman and President of K-SUREceo sign
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