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K-SURE Opened Export SMEs Center as a Regional Stronghold & Held Trade Insurance Academy
  • Date : 2023.12.14
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- Communicated with Exporters in the Central Region on Trade Insurance Big Data, Exchange Risk Response, etc.  

- Practical Eduction & Consulting Channels Expanded to Local Branches Supporting Practical Matters of Export Insurance/ Guarantee 

■ The first trade insurance academy of the Export Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Center, which was newly established in Asan City, Chungnam by K-SURE (hereinafter referred to as “K-SURE”) for the purpose of enhancing on-site export support has been held on the 14th (Thursday).  

○ At the Export SMEs Center, work-related communication and training such as trade insurance academy, export consulting, foreign exchange forum are conducted for heightening understanding of trade insurance and base of utilization for companies in the central region with a high proportion of export-related industries. 

○ The “Trade Insurance Academy” is K-SURE’s online and offline customer communication program providing practical education for export field operation including overseas debt management, export insurance utilization, trade fraud prevention education as well as export-import practical courses.      


■ As this is the first time the “Trade Insurance Academy” has been held in the central Cheonan/Asan region outside the headquaters in Seoul, K-SURE has introduced a new curriculum tailored to the export field, including the practical usage guidelines course for the newly introduced trade insurance big data platform.    

○ The “K-SIGHT”service launched last month utilizes credit information from 4.8 million overseas buyers accumulated through export insurance operations to offer services such as 

1) transaction risk index, 2) trade insurance curation (scheme recommendations, premium estimates, preferential benefits, etc,) and 3) buyer risk assessment. Practical application methods for effective use of the service were offered.      

○ Also provided were lectures focusing on case studies to help understanding of export credit insurance as well as the application plan on exchange rate risk insurance to provide against the increased exchange rate volatility due to recent uncertainties in the global financial market   

■ K-SURE aims to systemize organizational operations for supporting regional industrial development and enhancing export competitiveness, and to develop various customer communication programs.  


○ We support the enhancement of practical capabilities of exporters in the central region with export-related industries making up the greatest portion, and expand base of trade insurance utilization through the“Export SMEs Center”, together with local branches performing practical tasks such as export insurance/guarantee consultations. 

○ For novice companies lacking professionals in export, we intend to increase touchpoints with regional exporters by offering free services such as “Trade-Sure Consulting”with specialized consultants in the fields of 1) trade finance, export-import practices, legal matters, and accounting/taxation.    


■ Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, stated, “Strengthening regional industrial competitiveness is critical for sustaining export growth engines.” 


○ He also added, “We will continue to expand touchpoints across customer communication channels so that the first trade insurance academy held near the export field can serve as a foundation for enhancing capabilities of export companies.”

  • Point of Contact :  Public Relations Department