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K-SURE. Setting out to Globalize 50 Thousand Novice SMEs this Year Marking the 30th Anniversary
  • Date : 2022.07.07
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​- New Vision, “Global Leading Trade Investment Partner,”Proclaimed at the Founding Ceremony on July 7th   

- Export Volume Increased by More Than 100 Times from 1.8 Trillion Won in the First Year of Its Establishment to 196 Trillion Won Last Year 

-“K-SURE, Spearheading the Rapid Growth of Export & Economic Development” said by Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman & President of K-SURE.

■ The Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (“K-SURE”) held a commemorative ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding at its headquater located in jongro-gu, Seoul on Thursday, Dec 7th with the presence of 100 guests including the Trade Minister Dukgeun Ahn from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE).  

○ K-SURE, an export credit agency promoting trade and overseas investment covering risks arising from external transactions through trade insurance, was established on July 7, 1992, and this day marks the 30th anniversary of its founding.  

■ At the event, K-SURE declared a new vision, “Global Leading Trade Investment Partner,”adding, “It will never cease to navigate this challenging journey driving our trade and investment in this ever-changing global environment.”   

○ In his commemorative speech, Mr. Inho-Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, stated,“K-SURE has been faithfully playing a role of spearheading the economic development of our country by nurturing SMEs, vitalizing bid-winning in overseas plant and shipbuilding industries, and providing an urgent support for the import of major raw materials at the forefront of trade for the last 30 years, and the export volume increased by 100 times from 1.8 trillion won recorded in the first year of its establishment to 196 trillion won last year, which shows export and trade insurance having grown in parallel with each other.” 

○ He also mentioned, “In the face of various challenges encountered by domestic companies such as rise in raw materials prices and exchange rate, K-SURE as No.1 partner for trade and overseas investment, will incorporate its willingness to broaden its operations into much bigger overseas markets in a new vision and engrave it on our heart, and actively set out for stable growth in our export for the next 30 years.” 

■ The core elements of K-SURE’s new vision encompass the support for global growth of SMEs, capacity building in overseas debt collection and local financing activation, offering new growth engines and customer-centered digital service expansion, through which K-SURE will pursue its paradigm of leading a new trade and investment.     

■ In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and supply chain disruption, it is regarded that K-SURE has played a role of cornerstone in achieving a maximum export volume of U$ 644.4 billion by supplying a maximum trade insurance in each sector in history through carrying out various policies including the expansion of liquidity supply for SMEs, online direct insurance revitalization, and establishment of customized support schemes for new industries. 

* Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, delivered a commemorative speech at the 30th anniversary of K-SURE’s founding held in its headquarter located in jongro-gu, Seoul on Thursday, December 7th.

* Mr. Dukgeun Ahn, Trade Minister of MOTIE and Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, taking a commemorative photo at the 30th anniversary of K-SURE’s founding held in its headquarter located in jongro-gu, Seoul on Thursday, December 7th.

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