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K-SURE Won the UNGC Anti-corruption Award for 2 Consecutive Years
  • Date : 2022.03.27
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- Became the First Policy Financial Institution to Receive the Anti-Corruption Award for 2 Years in a Row

- Obtained Recognition of K-SURE’s achievements including Anti-corruption Management System Establishment, Ethical Management Performance, and Becoming an UNGC Lead member

■ The Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-SURE) stated on Sunday Mar. 27th that it had won the Anti-corruption Award at the 2022 Anti-corruption Business Integrity Society Summit co-hosted by the UNGC Network Korea and KOSIF.

* UNGC is an organization under the umbrella of UN with approximately 18,000 members from corporations, academia, civil societies, etc. and performs various activities in order to encourage and help companies reflect UN core values into their management activities so that they can seek sustainable development such as anti-corruption, human rights, and environments.

○ The UNGC Network Korea has been carrying out the BIS (Business Integrity Society) project to create a corporate culture of integrity and fairness, and since last year, it has been awarding prizes to the companies rated highly in anti-corruption.

■ It is noted that K-SURE, the first policy financial institution having attained the anti-corruption award for 2 consecutive years, received favorable reviews thanks to the establishment of its anti-corruption management system, ethical management performance, and being selected as an UNGC Lead member by the UNGC Network Korea last November.

○ For 280 members of the UNGC Network Korea, comprehensive evaluations were made in the categories of transparency, anti-corruption initiative assessment result, international certification on ethical management, etc., and anti-corruption awards of this year were granted to 8 public institutions and private corporations having received high performance grades.

* The UNGC Network Korea selected 10 companies spearheading sustainable management, out of the total UNGC members and appointed them as UNGC Lead Members.

■ K-SURE has been recognized as the top-notch transparent public company through its achievements such as winning the Prime Minister’s Award on Anti-corruption on 2019 Civil Rights Day, being chosen as 2020 Integrity Mentor Organization for State-owned Corporations, attaining the Grand Prize in the 2021 Anti-corruption Policy Assessment by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE), and receiving the 2021 Ethical Management Award from the Korea Academy of Business Ethics.

○ Since K-SURE first acquired the ISO 37001 (anti-bribery management systems) certification on Jan. 2021, it has been upgrading the ethical management system in order to be in compliance with international standards including OECD anti-bribery convention enforcement, corruption risk diagnosis and mitigation, etc.

○ K-SURE raises an awareness of integrity for the employees by holding an online golden bell quiz contest and takes the lead in voluntarily spreading a culture of integrity through opening idea pitch competitions.

■ Mr. Inho Lee, Chairman and President of K-SURE, said, “It is all the more meaningful to win the anti-corruption award for 2 consecutive years under the circumstance where the importance of integrity and fairness is widely acknowledged across the public institutions and our society.”

○ We will spearhead the expansion of ethical management culture as a leading institution of integrity management by continuously promoting activities for integrity and anti-corruption in order to live up to the expectation of the public and exporters.

2022 UNGC Anti-corruption Business Integrity Society Summit

* Mr. Jin-sik Park, Executive Director of K-SURE (right person) taking a commemorative photo with Mr. Young-ho Lee, Chief Director of KOSIF (left person) after receiving the Anti-corruption Award at the 2022 UNGC Anti-corruption Business Integrity Society Summit co-hosted by the UNGC Network Korea and KOSIF and held at Four Seasons Hotel located in Jongno-gu, Seoul
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